It took me many years to finally admit that going to a gym is not for me – firstly, I have a full time job , a baby daughter and a household to help my husband take care of. I found it very difficult to commit to a gym going routine and I’d come up with all kinds of excuses to skip a workout. I’d often hear a colleague of mine rave about “BOOTCAMP” and it sounded great . A couple of weeks later I received the e-mail invite to join the next bootcamp. Now, to the average eye I do not look overweight but after my pregnancy I felt increasingly unhappy with my body and the shape I was in.

The first bootcamp changed my opinion on exercise and changed the way I felt about my body. I hadn’t worked out in more than a year and although the first couple of weeks were hard I was soon keeping up with the fitter people in the class , sleeping better and I felt I had loads more energy. I am now nearing the end my 3rd bootcamp and I’m addicted.  I have dropped clothe sizes , toned up and feel more confident.

The instructors are always happy to help when you’re doing something incorrectly and always ready to take you out of your comfort zone. If you want to be fitter , healthier and slimmer commit to the 6 week program and you’ll be happy you did. If you’ve never seen visible changes in your body after a workout then this is for you. All it takes is one hour three times a week.

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