I don't know if it's that we have a new instructor this session or if it's that the Bootcamp workouts have been intensified, but I get the feeling it's both -- and I just want to say I really appreciate it. The workouts have so much variety that each one feels fresh and different, and yet there's sufficient overall balance and intensity to ensure that all muscle groups get worked and get worked well.

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"Dit is nou evidence van commitment of 5:30 in die oggend rond te hol (en dit sukkel maar). Die lekker is om die sateliete te kan sien, die voels te kan hoor, die visse te sien spring in die lagoon, die son te sien loer en Dan begin mens se dag lekker!"


BOOTCAMP   I remember when a friend mentioned it to me. Many thoughts ran through my head, but I replied "Yea, I want to do that".
Many asked why especially since I prefer the early morning session.

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I have been a dedicated sports person my entire life. I have played rugby for an odd 28 years. After that I was involved with Martial Arts, more specifically Kick Boxing and Ying Yang Do Close Combat. I did athletics in school, and also started seeing the inside of a gym more often than the inside of my house.

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I did the October 2009 Walvis Bay Bootcamp with Anna-Mart Kruger and 20 other hardy souls. Most of us were huffing ‘n puffing at the start, but this improved as we got into the swing of things. Especially the shuttle runs were great fun, and the camaraderie and jokes motivated us to get up early in the mornings.

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