I have been a dedicated sports person my entire life. I have played rugby for an odd 28 years. After that I was involved with Martial Arts, more specifically Kick Boxing and Ying Yang Do Close Combat. I did athletics in school, and also started seeing the inside of a gym more often than the inside of my house.

I am 34 years now, and the last 2 years I was only working out in the gym, and in May of 2009 I took up cycling, both MTB and road race. Saying all of this, is to give you an understanding that I am not afraid of training and exercising. But what started getting to me, especially the last 2 years, were the winter times. Too cold, to dark and to nice to stay in bed. So I did managed to train in the afternoons, but the twice a day routine went flying out the window as soon as the winter and day light savings time started. That’s bad for keeping in shape over the winter months, and to be at the top of your performance pedestal, once the summer starts. So in short, you’ll have to start all over again in the summer.

Until this year, when I was introduced to Bootcamp. What a wonderful experience. I did four 6 weeks cycles, and am going stronger than ever into the summer. Its still cold, it's still dark, but it is exciting! New exercises, new training methods, new people around me, and everybody is working towards more or less the same goal: Deletion of the Winter Hibernation! 3 days a week, always something different, and most important, always fun! It does not matter if you are training for something, training to be better in your specific sports discipline, or just training to get rid of the winter fat, pitch up, take part, and you won’t be disappointed!!

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